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At Valspresso, we believe investing should be grounded in robust financial statements fundamentals and based on clear, objective criteria. 

That’s why we’ve developed an innovative app that simplifies the investment decision-making process by analyzing public data to answer three fundamental questions about any stock:

Is the company profitable in its core business?

Can the company meet short-term financial obligations without debt?

Does the company prioritize its common shareholders?

Based on these criteria, each company is assigned a color-coded status: Green if it meets all conditions, Yellow or Red if there are concerns. This intuitive system allows you to assess which stocks will likely outperform or underperform quickly.


Our mission is to empower investors.

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How it works

More curious about how we analyze the companies in our database? Please scroll down for a full rundown of our assessment criteria and methodology. Empower yourself with the knowledge to invest wisely.

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    Understanding how Valspresso assesses companies’ financial statements fundamentals and their stocks is straightforward. We broke down AMC Entertainment Holdings to demonstrate our analysis process:

    Currently, AMC Entertainment Holding’s vScore is in the red. This rating is powered by Valspresso‘s proprietary predictive algorithms, coupled with Three Fundamental Questions, meaning it is objective and solely based on the empirical data. Let’s take a look at how they work in action…


    1 Is AMC Making Money From The Core Business?

    The short answer is no. AMC reported negative net income and negative cash flow from its sales to customers. As a group, stocks of companies with this pattern tend to underperform over time


    2 Can The Company Pay its Bills Without Borrowing?

    AMC has negative working capital, meaning its short-term liabilities exceed its assets, a persistent issue for years.

    This could hinder AMC’s ability to pay suppliers or cover operating expenses, increasing interest expenses and financial strain, especially with rising rates. Shareholders should consider this risk in light of AMC’s industry, growth stage, and financial strategy before making decisions. 


    3 Is The Company Preserving Shareholder Equity?

    AMC has negative shareholders’ equity, which puts common shareholders at risk of losing their investments if the company goes bankrupt.

    With debt exceeding 100% of assets, AMC faces increased financial risk and difficulty in meeting debt obligations, particularly in a rising interest
    rate environment. Shareholders should weigh this risk against the company’s growth stage and
    management strategy before deciding. 


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