COVID-19 Portfolio Update

See how Valspresso’s portfolio risk reduction methodology has performed during the COVID-19 stock market downturn.

Generate Persistent Alpha
through Smarter Risk Management

Valspresso’s sentiment indicators empower asset managers to design and deploy alpha-generating strategies. Our proprietary technology and patented methods make it easy for quants, analysts, and portfolio managers to integrate our indicators and signals into new or existing trading strategies with the objective of reducing risk and improving returns. Historical values are available from 2004 to present along with back tested results for example strategies using our indicators.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence system automates the entire investment process from analysis to portfolio construction to trade execution.  Like a human, it can deal with vague, conflicting and incomplete data, but still make actionable decisions.  But unlike a human, a computer can do this over a much larger data set and without emotional bias.

Price Sentiment Analysis

Most sentiment analyses try to measure how people “feel” by analyzing what they “say” and use that as a proxy for what people will “do” regarding investment decisions. We all know that what people “feel”, “say”, and “do” are not always aligned. This is especially true in competitive marketplaces.

We believe that the best measure of investors’ sentiment is the price they are willing to pay for a stock. Implicit in the price that investors pay for a stock on any given day is a forecast of a company’s future operating performance (earnings). Valspresso was granted U.S patent 7,966,241 for this method of measuring price sentiment. Read more

Strategy Builder

Pension funds and family offices benefit from using Valspresso’s Strategy Builder application to build and deploy their own active equity strategies. Valspresso’s Strategy Builder application, trade signals and model portfolios are made available to subscribers for zero AUM fee, subscription pricing model. Read more

Model Portfolios

Valspresso’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment technology has been used to build strategies and manage model portfolios and clients’ money since 2013.  Valspresso’s AI analyzes all publicly traded companies on the U.S. major exchanges.  This automated analysis includes deep fundamental analysis as well as a patented price sentiment analysis.  Alpha is delivered through a combination of stock selection, dynamic tactical allocation, and automation. Valspresso has developed a series of model portfolios (baseline templates) that have been backtested through multiple market conditions from 2004 to 2018. Read more

Valspresso is honored to be among the 50 most promising FinTech solution providers of 2018. Read more

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