Christine Donohoo

Marketing & Branding

Christine Donohoo is a visionary marketing and operations executive and entrepreneur, with 25 years business experience. Her career includes an unusual mix of success in both entrepreneurial and large corporate environments, within the public, private and non-profit sectors. She has special expertise in financial services marketing.

Chief Communications Officer and Group Executive Officer for Membership at AARP. Christine was instrumental in redefining the AARP brand and value proposition for Baby Boomers and younger generations, increasing membership to over 35 million. Responsible for 600+ personnel and revenue from memberships fees, publication advertising (online/offline), grants and fundraising.

Before joining AARP, Christine was President of Rewards Network, Inc., a public company and the nation’s largest restaurant rewards business. During her tenure Christine integrated the acquisition of a major competitor, grew membership to over 1 million, launched the e-commerce business, and created partnerships with major banks and airlines.

Christine also served as Senior Vice President at Bank of America, where she built an integrated marketing communications capability for the Bank that enabled strong organic growth with unprecedented cost savings from centralizing marketing processes. Christine oversaw marketing for the Bank’s first online banking product. She also oversaw regulated communications for four major mergers.

Christine spent her early career (14 years) in the marketing services arena, where she was the youngest member of the executive team of DIMAC, Inc. (St. Louis), at the time the largest direct marketing agency in the country. Her clients included AT&T, Citibank, Ralston Purina, Fidelity Investments and Barnes & Noble. She participated in the acquisition and integration of eight companies, and DIMAC’s IPO in 1993.