The Mass Market Just Got Served

The Mass Market Just Got Served

The Underserved Mass Market

For decades, the mass market has been underserved by fiduciaries for a very good reason. There simply wasn’t enough margin for fiduciaries for it to be economically feasible. With 72% percent of all investors with less than $60,000 in retirement assets, 85 million people are left to invest on their own. Many buy individual stocks and bonds recommended by a co-worker or family member, and risk not being diversified. Others rely upon their employer’s 401K investment options to manage their nest egg, none of which are customized to the individual investor. The mass market has not benefited from active management, or a human advisor. Until now.

It’s a Matter of Scale

Fiduciaries always gravitate towards clients with large investment portfolios. Relationships are built by providing investment strategies with personal attention, regular face-to-face meetings, and advice customized to each investors situation. This high level of service by definition limits the number of clients each fiduciary can manage. Therefore, one client with a very large AUM is preferable to a dozen clients with modest AUM.

Yet, ordinary people deserve to be served. What if an exceptional fiduciary could add a dozen, two dozen, or even a hundred clients, each with $50,000 AUM without the need to increase staff, or invest their own time, while earning a fee on the collective AUM?

Unlocking the Mass Market, Changing the Game

There exists today, a licensed platform with active management software that efficiently allows independent RIA/IBDs and IRAs to serve a larger demographic with the same attention to detail in much less time. Advisors can combine robo-investing with a human advisor to deliver financial services to the underserved mass market profitably at a fee client’s can afford. It is an innovative investment technology platform utilizing a patented positive momentum algorithm with a licensed active management strategy.

The platform uses a strategic three-point check system that determines the long-term success of any business by systematically analyzing their financial viability. The Automated Active Money manager constructs an initial portfolio which makes objective, reduced risk “buy” and “sell” algorithm combined with a licensed active management strategy.

This consistent strategy ensures informed investment choices are made. The advisor and client together can choose from a variety of active/passive allocations with customization options to fit each client’s needs. Advisors can now:

  • Manage more clients without adding more staff
  • Unlock the huge Mass Market profitably
  • Employ an automated platform with built-in compliance
  • Earn a fee on all AUM generated
  • Provide clients with simple, easy to understand strategies
  • Reduce volatility with tactical asset allocation
  • Provide transparency into stock selection via online tools
  • Utilize automation to eliminate emotion
  • Provide customized strategies to meet individual client needs

In today’s competitive market, the greatest opportunity for fiduciaries is not business as usual, but with embracing technology to enable millions of investors to get in the game, and in so doing, change the game for themselves.

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