We automate the entire investment
process—from analysis to portfolio
construction to trade execution— with a
clear objective: reduce investment risk and
improve returns.

Valspresso’s business model is designed to bring together and deliver the value of hedge fund, robo, and financial advisor directly to millions of investors – small and mid-size clients.

  • Value of Hedge Fund – Skills in delivering
    higher risk-adjusted returns
  • Value of Robo – Automation and low cost
  • Value of Advisor – Personalized advice that
    helps clients achieve their wealth goals

Today, the benefits of personalized, actively managed portfolios are typically available only to the affluent. Valspresso’s innovative automated money management platform disrupts this status quo. We empower advisors and advisor platforms to deliver the same advantages of personalized, actively managed portfolios to the mass market—with less cost overhead than a hedge or mutual fund.